-Warehouse provides services for the responsible storage of goods in licensed warehouses of the CIS, Europe, Middle Asia, USA. All warehouses that we use to store goods are located in the customs zone and comply with all rules and regulations for the safe storage of goods.

About our service
-Warehouse invites you to join the ranks of our customers, the companies that work with export, import or transit. Any company engaged in wholesale or retail trade, can not do without a warehouse license storage, if the goods are transported multimodally or simply there is a need for temporary safe storage;
Cooperation with partners in the transportation industry. The interaction with the participants of the transport industry is always beneficial if found common interests and favorable price;
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Our service
Our main advantage is our experience in a transport logistics warehouse. More than 14 years we have been continuously working with safekeeping at licensed warehouses in Europe, CIS, Asia and the USA;
Direct contracts with warehouse facilities in the most popular cities and countries;

Responsible storage of goods with a basic list of operations, such as unloading and loading, acceptance of goods, packaging, and control, labeling, repacking and other related services. Our processes are automated as much as possible using the warehouse management information system, which affects the control and accounting of cargo movement;

Storage of hazardous and non-standard cargoes in compliance with all safety rules and regulations;