-Partial is calculation service of your cargo. 
Shipping cost goods, you can calculate in real-time 24/7 online or in your account on RateGo website.

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-Partial offers a cost-effective delivery service anywhere in the World. Your goods are carried on a given route on separate dedicated cargo space, being together with other goods in a means of transport, which significantly reduces the cost of delivery. Transportation of goods in this way can be consolidated with intermediate storage in a licensed customs warehouse or direct without arrival at the warehouse, depending on the specifics of the goods and the particular country in which or from which the goods are transported. Delivery with us is a favorable price, the fastest delivery time, constant contact with the support service on any transportation issues, advice on import and export operations and more.

About our service
Large and small distribution companies, retailers use our service. Most of our new customers become regular customers of transportation because we always care about the quality of services. highly appreciates its customers;
The number of groupage cargo transportations in the world market is constantly growing, the -Partial service copes with the tasks perfectly, providing fast and high-quality delivery;
Our affiliate network of licensed freight brokers in most large countries of the World makes the service more affordable. Join us and order ship easily and quickly;
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Our service
Instant calculation of the cost of international delivery through the RateGO-Calculator system is a revolutionary solution in the groupage cargo transportation industry. Our price offer always corresponds to the real market of the cost of services and it’s available to you 24/7;
A team of strong specialists in international groupage logistics will always support you;
-Team will deliver your goods to 240+ countries;
Commodities of light and heavy industry

We encourage our customers to use the service RateGO-Partial if the product has a weight or volume is not at a full truck. So we save your budget and take care of our reputation;

Samples of goods

Our customers often order delivery of samples of various goods for production, for new directions in trade and more. This is especially popular when choosing a new supplier or a new market segment;

Products with temperature care or commodities hazard class.

This product group is no exception for the carriage in a mixed load, but the transport of such goods has its own peculiarity;