Logistical methods without intermediaries.Using direct contracts with carriers, we offer transportation services.

RateGo Logistics is a transport agent for your goods!
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What we do

Search and booking trucks, containers, railway wagons, and air places.


Control of loading and unloading, coordination with the driver.


Customs clearance for import, export, and transit cargo in any part of Ukraine, any part of Europe, any part CIS, or anywhere.

and licensing

Obtaining permits for commercial operations

of delivery conditions

Coordinating the terms of foreign economic contracts.

Documents for
a shipment

Preparation of documents required for a shipment (invoice, packing list, contract, specification, etc.)

Warehousing services

Warehouse services for consolidation cargo in Ukraine, European Union, Asia and the USA

Help with legal issues

Legal control and assistance with supply stages.


Monthly progress report.

Why entrust your
supplies to us

We do not act as intermediaries - our support staff negotiates directly with carriers for you


Our commission is fixed.


The support manager is in touch with you 24/7.


16 years on the market. The company has a large established network of carriers.


A fast and efficient delivery system.

Calculate a delivery price

Be aware of the prices for international transportation 24/7! The delivery cost calculator will help you to get quickly rate for your shipping. The Calculator works online for 100 kg to 23t.
Outsourcing with RateGo
is efficient because
Outsourcing with RateGo
is efficient because

No more intermediaries and hidden fees

in the supply chain

All deliveries are transparent and are concluded under our control between your company and the carrier directly.

Delivery cost calculator

The Calculator works online for 100 kg to 23t.

Prices at current times

By working with Rate-Go Logistics, you will always be aware of market prices.

Delivery control 24/7

Your logistics work is entrusted to a professional who will be available 24/7.

Taking responsibility

Our team of professional and experienced workers performs a task you assign to us promptly and professionally.

The best offer on the market

We will offer you the best prices, conditions for delivery your goods and will select a reputable carrier.

Results-oriented work

As a customer-focused organization, we aim to achieve the best result possible!

Expert assistance

Working with RateGo Logistics you can save you time and money as you will not have to hire high-quality specialists.

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By working with us, you can receive the best price for delivery under direct contracts with carriers!

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