-Oversize specializes in the transportation of special equipment, hardware and all kinds of constructions with large dimensions or weight exceeds the tolerances for shipments in a standard way. Transportation of such goods requires a special organization, knowledge, equipment and best practices.

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Our service
Extensive experience in the transportation of oversized cargo in Europe, the CIS, Central Asia. For over 14 years, our company has been providing oversized cargo transportation services by land and water.
Quick work with project documentation. We form the cost of transportation services from 1 to 5 working days, depending on the complexity of the cargo. Extremely complex loads are calculated in a separate order with the departure of our specialist to the facility as agreed.
The close interaction with regulatory structures for supporting and dispensing the design documentation.
RateGo has the guaranteed ability to deliver oversized cargo to most countries of the World.
What kind of goods we do transport
Industrial equipment
Finished factory lines
Drilling equipment, and more