-Multimodal copes with the multifunctional task of transporting goods by several modes of transport. This type of transportation is often used for the delivery of goods by land and by sea. Our IT platform can calculate the cost of ground delivery by truck from the place of departure to the seaport or from the seaport to the delivery place.
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About our service
-Multimodal invites you to join the number of our customers who trust us with multifunctional tasks for the delivery of goods; Our highly qualified specialists will perform all necessary procedures to ensure that your goods are delivered safely and on time.

-Multimodal is intended mainly for importers and exporters who have trade relations with countries of Europe, CIS, Asia, America, India;
Our service
Convenient service for calculating the cost of delivery. In just a few seconds in real-time 24/7 you get the shipping cost, and you can place your order online through your account by yourself or with consultant help;
Approved shipping cost unchanged throughout transportation. We do not have hidden fees or additional fees for our services;
RateGo-multimodal works around the world. Our company performs the delivery of your goods to any country where work land and sea Convention of transportation. This is most of the countries of the world;
Groupage cargo

(LTL. Less than a truck). The amount of cargo from one to several tens of pallets, which is transported together with other goods in one container;

Products with temperature care or commodities hazard class.

This product group is no exception for the carriage in a mixed load, but the transport of such goods has its own peculiarity;