-Sea responsible container shipping service. We take care of the full support of the goods from the place of departure to the customer’s warehouse, with all liabilities, paperwork and customs procedures.

-Sea is a service that processes a large number of container cargoes in import, export and transit mode in the seaports of Europe, the CIS, Asia, the USA and Canada.
For 14 years, our close collaboration with leading shipping lines allowed to gain the trust of the most demanding customers, including companies with a global brand.
About our service
-Sea invites you to join the ranks of our customers for whom we provide container shipping services worldwide; Our services are used by trading companies with large and small distribution, as well as companies operating in the transportation sector. Delivery through our company is carried out in compliance with all the rules and norms of the marine conventions. We highly appreciate all our customers and are always in close contact with them! For corporate customers special offers on cooperation!
-Sea service is open for cooperation with importers, exporters, warehouses, traders, forwarding and brokerage companies that are directly related to the transportation of goods;
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Our service
Prompt calculation of shipping costs. The draft cost of delivery is prepared within 15 minutes;
Work without overpayments. There are no hidden or additional fees for our service work, which are an integral part of transportation;
Our specialists in marine logistics try to process your orders as quickly as possible and always care urgent orders with understanding;
Delivery of all types of goods in more than 240 countries of the world;
Cargo insurance;
Stevedoring - loading and unloading, packing;
Safety control work - control of loading and unloading;
Warehousing - storage of goods in compliance with customs control in a customs-licensed warehouse;
Freight forwarding - paperwork, dock work, control of transportation;
Determining the optimal route for the cargo;
Cargo Tracking;
Standard (general), loads of light and heavy industry

Typically, these goods are transported in containers of 40’ and 20’ Dry containers (DC), HighCube (HC);

Special cargoes

Special cargoes: loads requiring increased attention – temperature conditions, refrigerated containers (Genset) using OpenTop, FlatRack, REF, 45’HC containers, dangerous goods of Hazardous Materials and cargoes with a special workflow; 
- Transportation of all these goods is performed with a special permit, which we always include in shipping cost;

Groupage cargo

(LTL. Less than a truck). The amount of cargo from one to several tens of pallets, which is transported together with other goods in one container;

Multimodal loads

Loads that can only be transported with a few modes of transport. The most common multimodal cargo in the combination of truck-sea-truck. All permits and execution of all documents are included in the total cost of transportation;