How the shipping service does work!


Calculate the cost

Calculate the cost of transportation on the website in real time at 24/7. Go to the shipping cost calculation page. In several steps, specify the transportation route, cargo parameters and click the CALCULATE button. After a second, the price will appear on your screen.

Make out your order

Go through the quick registration on the website or call us. Complete the application can be immediately after the program make calculation the cost of your delivery. After calculating the cost, in a special field next to the price, fill out your name, contact phone number and email. The system will register you and your account will be created (functional personal account). Now you can manage the processes of your order through your page on the RateGo service.

Cargo delivery

After placing the order, we send our transport for loading and accept your goods for transportation. Cargo delivery in strict accordance with the law of freight forwarding activities, the TIR Convention (Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods). Throughout the transportation, our specialist is constantly in close contact with you through chat or by phone. After passing through all customs procedures, we deliver the goods to the specified place.


You can pay for the delivery service in any currency in 3 ways: - non-cash transfer (Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA); - transfer to VISA, Master Card; - cash. For corporate clients special offers!  

Feedback on our service.

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