The Department RateGo-Customs handles import, export and transit goods in Europe, the CIS (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan), the USA. The declarants of our company and agents are well versed in customs procedures in accordance with the Customs Code of European countries, most CIS countries, and North America. Good relations with customs posts in key countries have a positive effect on the speed of clearance of cargo manifest. Customs procedures with RateGo-Customs are always reliable and fast!

About our service
The Department of RateGo-Customs offers its service to importers and exporters in Europe, the CIS, and Middle Asia, USA. We make all goods according to commodity classification (HS);
- For start-up companies in international trade, we offer special working conditions. Customs accreditation and turnkey transaction support;
- RateGo-Customs cooperates with participants in the transport industry: logistics, forwarding companies, carriers;
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Our service
RateGo-Customs provides turnkey customs brokerage services;
Service for customs clearance of goods in most countries of Europe, the CIS, North America;
In order to avoid a loss-making trade transaction, we give advice on the advisability of importing goods into a specific country;
Customs services
Product Certification
Declaration service import, export and transit cargo  
Electronic declaration of goods
Registration of veterinary and phytosanitary goods.
Temporary import/export, processing, re-export.
Customs valuation and preliminary calculation of customs duties
Assignment of goods HS code  
Assistance in the preparation of a set of documents required for the registration of your company with the customs authorities
Assistance in the preparation and execution of foreign contracts  
Preparation of a set of documents required for obtaining permits for imported goods
Representation of clients in customs