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-Air provides an accelerated service for the transport of goods by air. We deliver export, import, transit cargo by scheduled and charter flights from the largest airports in the world.

-Air is an agent for the sale of air cargo by most major airlines that operate flights in Europe, the CIS, and the USA. Affiliate network around the world gives us the opportunity to choose the shortest and most profitable route at the best prices.

We work for you
-Air will provide you with the speed of cargo delivery. We cooperate with reliable transport companies, we carry out the transportation of goods in all major directions in Europe, the CIS, Asia, North America, Canada;
With the -Air service, you can accurately plan cargo transportation and increase the efficiency of your business. We offer a wide range of related services, select the delivery speed that is most suitable for your requirements;
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Our service
We contact the sender and collect the cargo from his warehouse with a small car;
Terminal services at the airport, registration of AWB (airway bill - air waybill), insurance, compliance control of customs and transport documents, customs clearance;
Pre-booking place on the plane and transportation to a given country;
Tracking a consignment, monitoring the integrity of the cargo along the entire transportation route;
Customs procedures for processing the goods with the preparation of sending the goods to the recipient at the warehouse by our transport;
Delivery of goods to the client and the provision of a full set of documents;
Что мы перевозим
High-priced load
Hazardous loads
Perishable load
Heavy and bulky
The loads requiring urgent delivery in a short time